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Baby Sign Lends A Hand

Friday, August 20th, 2010

If you are in Albany and get the local paper the Albany Advertiser you can see Karina our Albany based baby sign teacher with her 18 month old son Micah in an article about her and how Karina started her journey into Baby Signing.

Karina has been running her classes for a few months in the Albany area but has been using baby sign with her own family and during her teaching of year 6 students for quite some time (more…)

Baby Hands Features On Today Tonight

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Our newest baby sign teacher Avonna was recently asked to do a piece for Today Tonight in Adelaide.

I think Avonna did a wonderful job as she didn’t look at all nervous despite the fact that they were filming one of her very first classes, so well done Avonna.

You can check out the short clip below where parents are interviewed about their experience with baby sign as well as featuring some signing babies at various Baby Hands Classes.

If you would like to know more about Baby Hands Classes or contact any of our Baby Sign Teachers to find out more information about classes in your area you can contact them directly through the information on their page.

How To Deal With Baby Sign Language Skeptics

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

So, you have either heard of Baby Sign language and are trying to find out more about it or you just started using baby sign but you have had some doubts because once you told your friends/family/co-workers one of them told you it just doesn’t work and will delay your baby’s speech.

Naturally you want the best for you and your baby and you want to trust your friends advice but are they right?

There will always be skeptics with anything and even though baby sign is no longer new and certainly out of the “fad” stage there are still those people out there who (more…)

Pregnancy Babies and Childrens Expo Perth 2010

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

After all the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Expos that we have done over the years we are finally coming to Perth 🙂

This years Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo in Perth will be the first one that we have ever attended so I hope that you will come along and say hello.

I will be on the stand all weekend as well as our Albany based baby sign teacher Karina.  So if you would like to come along and have a chat to me or Karina and find out exactly what Baby Hands classes are all about (more…)

The Importance Of Being Consistent With Your Signing Efforts

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

The most common question I used to get asked was “Wont using baby sign delay my baby’s speech?

Baby sign has now become very common since I first started Australian Baby Hands over 5 years ago (which is now in over 20,000 homes around Australia) and many people are aware of the research and studies that show baby sign actually helps to promote language development, not inhibit it.

Also many more people these days have a personal experience of baby sign and have seen the benefits.  The number of people these days who I meet who tell me about their friend, neighbor or relative (more…)

Pregnancy Babies and Childrens Expo Brisbane 2010

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Come along and see us at this years Brisbane Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank.  (See below for your FREE tickets)

From Friday the 18th of June to Sunday 20th the PBC is the place to go to find out everything you need to know about your baby.

There will be lots  of fun things for the kids to do as well as the latest products and (more…)

3 Ways To Introduce Baby Sign

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Through many of the previous posts in our blog we have looked at the benefits and reasons for introducing baby sign and also the much asked question “Does baby sign delay speech”? In this post I want to share with you three specific ways to help you introduce baby sign with your baby.

Its important to use a mix of motivational and practical signs for best results with your baby to ensure that they are interested in what it is you are signing about to start with. (more…)

Baby Hands Features On Spanish CNN

Monday, May 31st, 2010

We just got emailed today about an interview I did while at The Baby Show in Sydney last September for CNN en Español.

Check out the video clip below, I’m featured at just slightly over halfway through and completely dubbed in Spanish (more…)

Motivational And Practical Signs

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Something that a many parents don’t understand when trying to introduce baby sign is the  importance of ensuring that you have a balance of motivational and practical signs for your baby.

Practical words are the ones that will help you as a parent to understand what it is that your baby wants (more…)

Baby Sign Language and Dads

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

While the popularity of Baby Sign is ever growing in Australia its much more common for Mums to be the ones who start using sign much more so than the Dads.

Now I do know that there are a lot of you Dads out there who do sign with their children so please don’t get upset, you Fathers should be proud of what you are doing and the interaction that you are enjoying with your baby’s through sign.

But, the reality is that for many families Mum is the primary carer of the baby and Dads are out at work all day, coming home later in the evening with little time to spend with their precious little one. (more…)