Media on Australian Baby Hands

Below are some links to stories that have been done on Australian Baby Hands in the press.

If you have seen something on Australian Baby Hands that we don’t have here please let us know by email us or send us the article by the contact details here.

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Mornings With Kerri-Anne; 22nd August 2006
9am With David & Kim; 25th August 2006
Channel 10 News; February 2009 view clip
9am With David & Kim; 10th February 2009 view clip
ABC Tasmania; December 2006
Radio 3SER: 14th February 2006
Print Media:
Playgroups ACT Magazine;Term 4 2005 view article
Childcare NSW Magazine; October 2005 view article
Sydney Weekly Courier; Read Of The Week view article
Wentworth Courier; Read Of The Week view article
Childcare Victoria; October 2005 view article
Playgroup QLD; December 2005 view article
Childcare QLD; December 2005 view article
Mosman Daily; December 2005 view article
Sydney/Melb/Brisbane’s Child; December 2005 view article
Playgroup NSW; Totline Feb 2006 view article
Weight Watchers; Must have read view article
Cosmo Pregnancy; Issue 4 2006 view article
Yarrawonga Chronicle; April 2006 view article
Mother & Baby; June 2006 view article
First Steps; Gymbaroo Issue 52 2006 view article
Playgroups ACT; Term 2 2006 view article
Pregnancy & Birth; September 2006 view article
My Child; Spring 2008 view article
North Shore Times; January 2009 view article
Pine Rivers Press; February 2009 view article