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Issue No.5 December 2006

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Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

Welcome to the final Australian Baby Hands Newsletter for this year!

Another year is nearly at its end!! This exciting year has flown by so fast its been a whirlwind. With TV appearances, book signings, an accreditation process and new books in development, next year will seem like a breeze, (fingers crossed!).

Thank you to everyone who has visited the site this year, I have had a great time hearing all your stories. To see out the year I want to introduce you all to Sammy the Signing Bear! He is the latest edition to Australian Baby Hands Team and we think that he is adorable and I'm sure you will too. See below for details or visit Sammy at the website.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

This Month:
  • Question Corner?
    This month - "A Little Help On The Road To Talking"
    Baby Sign Language is a great way to bridge that communication gap while baby's are pre-verbal and this months article looks at some additional things you can do to help develop your baby's speech.

    I have written A Little Help On The Road To Talking to cover some points that you can use in your baby's everyday life to enhance their speech development.


  • Sammy the Signing Bear:
    Sammy is the latest member to the Australian Baby Hands Team. He is a big and beautiful cuddly bear that your child will love.

    Sammy's specially designed jumper lets you put your hands into his sleeves allowing him come to life. Baby's and Toddlers love playtime with Sammy.

    Visit the website now for full details on Sammy and how you can get him in time for Christmas.

    Play peek a boo with Sammy


  • Your Stories:
    I'm very proud that Australian Baby Hands has gone from humble beginnings to now being used in over 4,000 Australian homes and hundreds of childcare centre's nation wide. This month Tamika from Brandon Park Children's Centre shares their story.
"The staff at the Centre have recently incorporated the Baby Hands sign and flash cards in all of our rooms ages from 4 months to 5 years. Both the staff and the children are having great fun with it and are incorporating it into all learning areas. The staff are passing on all the information to the Parents at the Centre to continue what we are doing at the Centre into the home and wider Community."

Tamika Hicks
Centre Director - Brandon Park Children's Centre

Do you have a story and a picture that you would like to share? Send them to me

To read more stories visit our testimonials page:


  • Huggies Parents Exchange:
    If you haven't already you may like to visit the Huggies website where I am on their panel to answer any questions you may have relating to baby sign language.

    Visit the Huggies forum to send me a question or to simply share your baby sign language stories with other parents.


Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Happy Signing!!