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Issue No.6 January 2007

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Jackie Durnin
Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

Happy New Year to you and your family. Welcome to the first newsletter for 2007. We are looking forward to a very full year and hearing even more of your stories as your babies continue their signing progress.

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  • Monthly Article Section:
    January - "Milestones In your Baby's Language Development"
    As your baby grows they will go through many stages of development while learning all about the world around them.

    This month we take a look at stages of Baby's Language Development, the milestones to look out for as they develop speech and how the introduction of Baby Sign Language can help them communicate while still pre-verbal.

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  • Your Stories:
    Baby Sign L
    anguage proved to be very useful for Loren and her 18 month old son when he was taken ill a few months back. Thanks very much to Loren for sharing this story with me, I hope everything is going well with your little boy.

“Two months ago, my then 18 month old son, had yet another massive asthma attack. This time was worse than any other; he actually stopped breathing and spent 24 hours in ICU.

When he was alert enough to realise he needed a drink, he used sign language to ask for a drink of milk. He continued signing for a further 24 hours using milk, food, thank-you and hello.

After this period he continued speaking, but still to this day he will sign and speak many words at the same time. Thank you for bringing communication to our little people long before they can easily be verbally interpreted.”

Loren Costello.
Belmont WA

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