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Issue No.10 May 2007

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Jackie Durnin
Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

A belated Happy Mothers Day to you all. If your children are to young right now to spoil you then I certainly hope that your partners did.

I'm settling back into the routine of things after my month away overseas which was very exciting and I will share more later in this newsletter.

Our article this month looks at balancing "practical" and "motivational" signs with your baby. There are also FREE tickets to the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo in Sydney for the first weekend in June.


  • Monthly Article Section:
    For some parents that first sign can take a long time to come along. In this months article we look at mixing practical and motivational signs to help encourage your baby's interest.
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  • Your Stories:
    Thanks to Jodi Taylor this month with her story on the importance of consistency and the rewards that come about from communicating with baby sign language.

“Hi Jackie,

Well I must be honest I tried signing with my little girl Ezra from about 4 months old and had no response and was ready to give up at about 10 1/2 months.

Then out of the blue she was sitting in her high chair and I was about to feed her and she did the eat sign! WOW I thought! So I got my husband to come have a look and as we said it, then she did it! I couldn't believe it!

Now every few weeks she is picking up a new sign. She does eat, bye, hi, drink and just yesterday she did more.

So a word for everyone, don't give up it will happen just be consistent!”


Baby Ezra

Jodi Taylor and Ezra
Palm Beach, QLD

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  • My Holiday News:
    As you know from last months newsletter I was away for four weeks overseas. If you sent me an email in that time and I didn't reply I'm sorry. I did try to keep up with my emails while I was away but had limited access so if you didn't get a reply please re-send your email to me

    I had an amazing trip visiting friends and family back in Ireland then on to Thailand where my partner totally surprised me by proposing so I have returned an engaged woman.

    Then when I returned it was my 30th birthday which I celebrated at the Rocks in Sydney with a group of friends so it ended up being a very good month :-)
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