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Issue No.13 August 2007

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Jackie Durnin
Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

Well, just when I though summer was arriving here in Bondi after a glorious weekend its got back to chilly winter temperatures again. The Ugg boots are back out and the electric blanket is getting plugged back in.

Fathers Day is coming up very soon so Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads who email me as well. It's great when I hear from Dad's who have found baby sign so much fun as well.

  • Monthly Article Section:
    A lot of you have emailed me asking, "What is the difference between Auslan and ASL?'. Many people are surprised that there is even more than one signed language. This month I cover some points on how sign language has evolved through different country's.

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  • Your Stories:
    I love these stories as I get so many parents telling me that their baby's look at them with such an amused look when they first start signing to them.
    This month we feature Nitara who is a very early signer but making great progress.

"Hello, We began using Baby Hands with Nitara just over a month ago now & she has really taken to it. As she is very dexterous baby and was already twinkling her fingers & making Mother Duck with her hand we knew she would take to signing straight away. At first she thought that we were very amusing making all these crazy gestures with our hands every time we said "Hello", "Bye", "Milk", "Eat", "drink", "Mum", "Dad" & "I love you".

After only a few weeks she began to wave "hello & bye" & made the sign to "eat", Then she began to sign "I Love you" (In her own similar version) & we were amazed!!! Now at just 6mths she is attempting to sign "Milk" & perfecting her "I love you". Thanks so much Baby Hands!"

Heidi, Chris & Nitara Lyons
Merrylands, NSW

Nitara Signs Hello

Nitara signs "Hello"

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