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Issue No.14 September 2007

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Jackie Durnin
Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

I've had a crazy busy month this last month so my apologies that this months newsletter is a few days late.

There is a lot happening at Baby Hands HQ right now, (much more on that in future newsletters) along with organising future wedding plans to try and accomodate people from three different countries I don't know where the days go :-)    Talk to you soon.

  • Monthly Article Section:
    Many parents ask me "Is my baby to old for baby sign now that they are around twelve months of age". There are so many ways that signing can be used to communicate that I believe it is never to late to take up signing.
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  • Your Stories:
    I just love the pictures that everyone send in to me these days. Here is a very cute Ethan signing milk for his mum Mary. Also Mary is another great example of how consistency pays off in the end, well done Mary!

“Hi Jackie,

We began using baby sign 4 months ago and only in the last month our son Ethan who is now 9 months old started signing. I was so excited when he started to sign "hello", "bye" and "milk" back at me and he then claps his hands afterwards as if proud of himself . I am now teaching him to sign "eat" which I'm sure he will learn in no time. I'm so proud of our little boy.

Here's a picture of my son signing "milk".

It just goes to show that if you never give up, bub will do it if your persistent and make a fun thing out of signing. Thank you Baby Hands.”

Mary Ann Plata
North Lakes, Qld.


Baby Ethan

Ethan Signs "Milk"

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