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Firstly, Happy New Year to you.

2008 was a hectic year for me with the launch of our Baby Signing Classes, our Australian Baby Hands DVD and new site unfortunately I neglected our monthly newsletter.

Now that we have everything up and running smoothly I'll be putting out regular updates again as well as posting on my blog. I hope you enjoy this months newsletter.

Monthly Article Section:
This month I thought I would focus on the topic of “Manners and Baby Sign Language” and how using baby sign language to introduce the concept of manners can be very rewarding.

Check out all the article listings from previous newsletters here or the latest blog posts listed on the right.

Your Stories:
Thanks very much to Lindsay Walding for sending in her baby sign story regarding her son Malcolm.

"Here is a picture of my son Malcolm at 15 months signing Cold... we were having dinner and with ice-cream for dessert he was signing cold after every mouthful. He also signs cold when we are in the pool and when he wakes in the night because he has kicked his blanket off."

malcolm signs cold

"Thanks for creating such an easy to use system and we look forward to adding to our sign repertoire and using baby hands with any future babies."

Calling All NSW & QLD Parents

We are currently doing some PR for Baby Hands and are looking for parents in Sydney NSW and QLD who would be interested in sharing their story with the media

We are looking for all stories. Stories of bridging the gap of communication, using baby hands with special needs children, using baby hands with the deaf community, baby signing in hospital, baby signing at swim school etc.

  1. How has Baby Hands changed your life?
  2. What age is your baby?
  3. How many signs does your baby know?
  4. What is your biggest benfit from baby sign?

If you could drop me an email with the above questions answered, I would really appreciate it.
I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting to meet you, perhaps on the Kerrianne set!

Product Updates:
Over the last two months we have been adding new Auslan baby sign language products to our shopping cart. Included in these products we have 11 beautifully illustrated Auslan nursery rhyme books, we also have added some new Wiggles dvds to the site and lastly two fun storybooks about Honky Dora.

And for those of you who missed by email back in November, we also launched the Australian Baby Hands DVD.

New Baby Signing Classes:
This month, our Baby Hands teachers have begun teaching the Baby Hands signing program in both the Manly/Mosman area in NSW and the Pine Rivers area in QLD. We have a range of courses available from our Introductory course which is for the complete beginner right through to a 6 week Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced class. Classes are a fun educational experience and for further information you can contact our teachers directly.

We are currently looking for teachers around the country.
If you are interested in running your own franchised family friendly business and being part of Australia’s largest baby signing company, contact us now with what would make you a Baby Hands teacher.

  Huggies Parents Exchange:
If you would like to talk to other parents about baby sign then you can join the Huggies forum where I am on their panel to answer any questions you may have relating to baby sign language.

  Buy Australian Baby Hands:

If you haven't got your copy of Australian Baby Hands yet you can purchase direct online through our shopping cart.

Australian Baby Hands is an accredited Auslan product and recommended by Childcare Associations and Professionals around Australia.

Happy Signing

Jackie Durnin
Australian Baby Hands

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