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Hi everyone, welcome to this months newsletter

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Also this month we are very excited to announce that Baby Hands classes are available for the first time in Western Australia. Our newest teacher Karina has just started in Albany WA. Please contact Karina for more information on class times and availability.

Monthly Article Section:

This month I have written a more personal article based on some experience I had this weekend with some friends of ours and their journey with baby sign.

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Your Stories:

"I started signing to my son Jetsun when he was 5 ½ months old. I began by learning any sign which I thought would be commonly used and just incorporated them all as I learnt them when I communicated with him. As the months went by I was getting a little frustrated as I knew that he understood them all but was not signing back to me, but I was determined to not give up, especially after reading others’ stories. It wasn’t until he was 13 or 14 months old when he finally started doing one or two back to me.

Now he is almost 16 months old he regularly signs lots of different words and quickly copies new ones that I teach him. He signs mum, dad, finished, more, food, milk, cat, dog, rabbit, horse, bath, music, poo, change and toilet (which amusingly he gets mixed up with the sign for dad), and understands more that I sign to him.

It’s particularly nice that he rarely throws his dinner bowl anymore now that he signs finished (one of his favourite signs), and instead of pulling my top down when he wants to breastfeed, he now signs for milk (his very favourite sign!) which he uses just his thumb and forefinger.

I look forward to when he will sign that he needs to go to the toilet so i won’t need to wash any more nappies!

I have attached a photo of him signing “cat” next to our cat Yin Yin"

Virginia Maddock
Caringbah, NSW
Mum to Jetsun

Baby  Cailen Signs Finished 

Baby Jetsun - Signs Cat


Read more stories and see pictures of babies signing:

Do you have a story and a picture that you would like to share? Please contact us and let me know how using baby sign has helped your family.

New Baby Signing Classes In WA:

This month I am very happy to announce that Baby Hands classes are now available for the first time in Western Australia.

Our newest teacher Karina is offering classes in the Albany and Great Southern Region of WA.

Karina Baby Hands TeacherKarina is a first hand baby signer after having used it with her two boys and seeing the benefits in her own home she is now keen to share that experience and knowledge with others.

Karina has a background in primary school teaching and a strong desire to help empower parents with the skills to communicate with their children.

To book a class or find out more information contact Karina at the website here.

Baby Signing Classes:

Join one of our teachers for a fun interactive baby sign class and get to meet other baby signers in your area.

If you would like a FREE baby sign class then all you need to do is organise a minimum of 5 friends to attend a class and as the organiser you will get the class for free.

Contact your nearest teacher today and organise a class for your mothers group or group of friends

If you have a mothers group or other group of friends interested in a class our teachers can come to you


We are currently looking for teachers around the country.
If you are interested in running your own franchised family friendly business and being part of Australia's largest baby signing company, contact us now and let us know why you would make a great Baby Hands teacher.

  Huggies Parents Exchange:
If you would like to talk to other parents about baby sign then you can join the Huggies forum where I am on their panel to answer any questions you may have relating to baby sign language.
  Get Your Australian Baby Hands:


If you haven't got your copy of Australian Baby Hands yet you can purchase direct online through our shopping cart. As well as the Australian Baby Hands book we offer a range of DVD's, books & dictionaries to help you sign.

Save 20% off all orders in our end of year sale. Just enter EOFY2010 in the discount code and 20% will automatically be taken off your order.

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Australian Baby Hands is an accredited Auslan product and recommended by Childcare Associations and Professionals around Australia.

Happy Signing

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