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Hi everyone, welcome to this months newsletter

I have just arrived back from a wonderful two weeks on Bali and I can tell you that using some basic sign certainly came in handy when dealing with some of the locals to try and communicate in the shops and restaurants :)

This month we are very excited to announce that Baby Hands classes are available for the first time in South Australia. Our newest teacher Avonna has just started in Marion SA. Please contact Avonna for more information on class times and availability.

Monthly Article Section:

Even though baby sign is more and more popular now there are still the skeptics out there. So, how do you deal with the skeptics and find out the real facts?

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Your Stories:

"Dear Jackie

Thought I would give you an update on how my daughter Keira is doing with her signing, she is now 28 months and signs on a daily basis, from individual words to small sentences eg "I have more milk please".

She likes to sit with her flash cards and her picture dictionary and point out various pictures and then sign them and if she wants to know a sign she will point to a picture then sign "Sign". She is also a big fan of Playschool and when Sofya (auslan presenter) is on she will come get me and point her out by using the sign for sign.

I am also now signing to my 6 month old daughter Aisling and am sure with help from Keira she will be signing back to us in no time."

Deirdre O'Brien
Perth, WA
Mum to Aisling and Keira

Baby  Signers Aisling and Keira 

Baby Signers Aisling and Keira


Read more stories and see pictures of babies signing:

Do you have a story and a picture that you would like to share? Please contact us and let me know how using baby sign has helped your family.

New Baby Signing Classes In SA:

This month I am very happy to announce that Baby Hands classes are now available for the first time in South Australia.

Our newest teacher Avonna is offering baby sign classes in Marian South Australia.

Avonna Baby Hands TeacherAvonna is the proud mum to recent twin boys and has found baby sign useful as she copes with looking after the two of them.

Avonna has an extensive background in training adults in business and has decided to refocus that passion and energy into teaching other parents baby sign.

To book a class or find out more information contact Avonna at the website here.

Baby Signing Classes:

Join one of our teachers for a fun interactive baby sign class and get to meet other baby signers in your area.

If you would like a FREE baby sign class then all you need to do is organise a minimum of 5 friends to attend a class and as the organiser you will get the class for free.

Contact your nearest teacher today and organise a class for your mothers group or group of friends

If you have a mothers group or other group of friends interested in a class our teachers can come to you


We are currently looking for teachers around the country.
If you are interested in running your own franchised family friendly business and being part of Australia's largest baby signing company, contact us now and let us know why you would make a great Baby Hands teacher.

  Huggies Parents Exchange:
If you would like to talk to other parents about baby sign then you can join the Huggies forum where I am on their panel to answer any questions you may have relating to baby sign language.
  Get Your Australian Baby Hands:

If you haven't got your copy of Australian Baby Hands yet you can purchase direct online through our shopping cart. As well as the Australian Baby Hands book we offer a range of DVD's, books & dictionaries to help you sign.

Australian Baby Hands is an accredited Auslan product and recommended by Childcare Associations and Professionals around Australia.

Happy Signing

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