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Firstly I would like to wish all the mums out there a very Happy Mothers Day for Sunday!

I cannot believe it is May again, my favourite month as it's my birthday! It's been a busy last couple of weeks. I had to miss out on the Melbourne Baby & Toddler Show as I had to go home to Ireland at the last minute for family reasons.

All is good but it was the first Baby show I have missed in many years.

Amanda, our Melbourne Baby Sign teacher did the show in my absence and said she spoke to lots of you and answered all your questions. I would like to thank Amanda for all her hard work that weekend.

Now to this months newsletter, our article focuses on the different signs for Mum and which one to use and why. I thought this is a perfect article what with it being Mothers Day on Sunday.

Perth Baby & Toddler Show

Baby and Toddler ShowFor those of you in Perth, we will be at the Perth Baby & Toddler Show.

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Monthly Article Section:

With Mothers day just around the corner we look at introducing the sign for Mum and why there are different variations.

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Your Stories:

I recived this very moving story from Tammy on how Baby Hands has helped open up a world of communication with their son Jackson - thank you so much Tammy for sharing and I hope this story helps to motivate other parents to use baby sign with their children.

"Hi Jackie,

Firstly- i want to thank YOU! You have no idea how you've changed our life! More importantly the life of our son Jackson! He has been locked in a world of no speech. Not one single word between the age of 12 months and 28 months old.

Up until then he had a few baby words- mum, dad, bot bot, ni nite. But regressed and lost his motor skills and speech. He was not reaching his mile stones, and we were quite concerned after raising six children over the last 22 years you know when something is not quite right.

Living in a rural area it is hard to get appointments, the waiting lists are quite lengthy, some up to 6 months wait but one day we received a phone call to say they had a cancellation appointment for us and we had our assessment at the hospital It was a huge day!

Jack was evaluated by a speech pathologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist and paediatrician. He had bloods taken for genetic testing and Jackson was diagnosed with Autism with Global Developmental Delay.

By the time we got his diagnosis and really that is all it is to us, a name, label, whatever you want to call it, he is still the same little boy we took to the hospital that morning.

And we love who he is and his quirky little ways. He is Jack and has always been his own little personality since the day we bought him home from the hospital.

So we thought ok lets give signing a go! And how our world of communication has opened up! We started signing a few basics as we spoke eg: more, finished ,hungry and drink.

We had our first breakthrough 2 weeks later when jack signed more. We got so excited. Then he signed finished.

And we realised oh my god, this is it, he can talk with his hands! Our boy can communicate!

So we kept adding 2 or 3 new signs a week as he progressed, when 3 weeks in and able to sign 8 signs we got our first word - yes a word - MORE! We were ecstatic.

Life is so much easier now, more relaxed, more smiles from our little boy. Jack now wants to interact with us because we now know what he wants , previously we played the guessing game as he didn't point or show what he wanted,

So here we are 2 months later and we have mastered lots of signs and have a vocabulary of 3 words- more,train and car. Which to us is a massive achievement!

We downloaded the baby signs chart and that became the foundation of Jacks language and a major stepping stone to AUSLAN and us communicating with Jackson. Which is all we ever wanted. To be able to talk to him and he talk back!

You have helped us to change our life, and the life of our son and no words can express how we feel about that!
thank you so much!"

Kind Regards
The Veltmeyer Family
SA Hindmarsh Land

Baby Signer Jackson 

Baby Signer Jackson


Read more stories and see pictures of babies signing:

Do you have a story and a picture that you would like to share? Please contact us and let me know how using baby sign has helped your family.

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Baby Sign ClasssesJoin one of our teachers for a fun interactive baby sign class and get to meet other baby signers in your area.

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Happy Signing

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