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Since we last spoke, we had some sad news here at Baby Hands. My grandmother Catherine Durnin passed away aged 96.

It was a very sad time but her memory will live on as the Australian Baby Hands book is dedicated to her.

We have also said goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring. Spring is a wonderful time of year, a time of new beginnings. So if you have not been as consistent with your baby signing, you can now wipe the slate clean and start afresh with Spring ☺

This month's article we are focusing on the role of nursery rhymes in your baby's lives and how we can use them on your baby signing journey and make the experience even more fun than it already is.

Monthly Article Section:

Many of us grew up learning nursery rhymes. They were sung to as our parents woke us up, as they put us to bed and even as the airplane filled spoon flew towards our mouth at dinner time. Nursery rhymes are a sweet part of childhood that filled our books and sometimes even influenced the décor of our own nursery. Check out this months article on Sign & Rhyme.

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Your Stories:

"My little girl, Allegra, is now 2-years-old. I started baby signing with her soon after she was born.

She said her first word at 19 weeks which was "mum mum". Now at 2 she can sing nursery rhymes all the way through (i.e. Twinkle Twinkle…, Little Teapot and Incy Wincy).

She also says abc's all the way through and can count to 13. She also recognizes her name when written and recently said "Dad, D...A....D" and pretended to write it.

She can write the letter e. I have no problem having normal conversations with her and everywhere I go people will pull me up and ask how old she is and say that she speaks really well."

Mum to Allegra
Cairns QLD


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Baby Sign ClasssesIf you would like a FREE baby sign class then all you need to do is organise a minimum of 5 friends to attend a class and as the organiser you will get the class for free.

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Happy Signing

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