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Baby Sign Language Products

Australian Baby Hands have developed a range of baby sign language products to get you started.
These products help you understand the steps involved in introducing baby sign language successfully into your home or child care centre.

Many parents and child care workers have successfully incorporated Australian Baby Hands into their home or child care centre and here are some of their baby sign language stories .

All products are sold individually but are also sold in packs to help you make significant savings.
The Australian Baby Hands Product range includes the following:

- the Australian Baby Hands Book
- the Australian Baby Hands Flashcards
- the Australian Baby Hands Poster
- the Australian Baby Hands DVD
- the Australian Baby Hands Child Care Pack
- Sammy the Signing Bear

Are there other products you would like to see in the Australian Baby Hands range? If so, please contact us with details of what baby sign language products you would like to see next on our products page.