New Baby Sign Language DVD

Baby Sign Language DVD

After the announcement last week of our brand new website and baby sign classes I’m really pleased to say that the Australian Baby Hands baby sign language DVD is now also ready.

I wrote the Australian Baby Hands book almost four years ago now and since then I have had many requests from parents asking for a DVD to show them how to sign as well.

In my new DVD I show you real life examples of children signing as well as practical tips and information on introducing sign into your home.

In the visual signing dictionary at the end I demonstrate how to carry out 60 signs with visual close ups of hand movement and gestures so you can see exactly what to do.

It was great fun making this DVD and I know that there will be lots of you who enjoy it around Australia plus 10% of profits from the DVD will be going to help Deaf Children Australia as well. So not only can you get a fantastic tool to assist you with your baby’s communication but you can also indirectly be contributing to a great cause.

You can get your copy of my new baby sign DVD here:


4 Responses to “New Baby Sign Language DVD”

  1. Jo Says:

    Hey Jackie, I’ve just ordered the new dvd from you and can’t wait fro it to turn up. Very excited to start our signing.

  2. Alexandra Says:

    looking forward to getting my copy

  3. Mia Says:

    This sounds great I have been wanting to get a dvd for ages but couldn’t find one. How long is the dvd and are these all Auslan signs the same as the book?

  4. JackieDurnin Says:

    Hey Mia,

    The DVD is about 45 minutes long and yes all the signs are using Auslan, the same as all Australian Baby Hands Products.

    I should also mention that it has optional subtitles as well that can be turned on or off as required.

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