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Australian Baby Hands Book

Australian Baby Hands Book
A fantastic book covering the use of sign language with pre-verbal infants using Auslan, Australian Sign Language as a communication tool. Clear and simple instructions show you how to introduce baby signing as part of your routine. At the back of the book is a photo dictionary with over 50 signs with easy to follow arrows for movement and clear written instructions. Signs including in the book are Aunt, Baby, Ball, Bath, Beach, Bed, Bird, Blanket, Book, Breastfeed, Brother, Car, Cat, Change, Cold, Dad, Dog, Drink, Eat, Finished, Fish, Goodbye, Grandfather, Grandmother, Happy, Hello, Help, Hot, House, Hungry, I Love You, Kangaroo, Koala, Milk, More, Mosquito, Mum, Music, No!, Pain, Play, Please, Poo, Rain, Scared, Sister, Sit, Sorry, Stop, Sun, Teddy, Telephone, Television, Thank You, Toilet, Touch, Uncle, Walk, Water, Where, Yes.
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