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Australian Baby Hands DVD

Australian Baby Hands DVD
This new DVD created by Australian Baby Hands will help you to introduce baby sign language into your home easily through fun interactive signing using AUSLAN, Australian sign language.

With easy to follow steps and guidelines to show you how to introduce baby sign into your daily routines the Australian Baby Hands DVD is fun for all the family.

Real life footage of signing babies along with practical tips from Jackie Durnin, the creator of the Australian Baby Hands product range, make this a must have DVD for those wishing to learn the benefits of introducing baby sign into the home.

The DVD is finished off with a dictionary of 60 signs which are all easily accessible through the DVD menu so you can easily return to any sign to practice when you need it.

The DVD full runtime is approximately 45 minutes and also includes optional subtitles if required.

Signs included in the DVD are Aunt, Baby, Ball, Bath, Beach, Bed, Bird, Blanket, Book, Breastfeed, Brother, Car, Cat, Change, Cold, Dad, Dog, Drink, Eat, Finished, Fish, Goodbye, Grandfather, Grandmother, Happy, Hello, Help, Hot, House, Hungry, I Love You, Kangaroo, Koala, Milk, More, Mosquito, Mum, Music, No!, Pain, Play, Please, Poo, Rain, Scared, Sister, Sit, Sorry, Stop, Sun, Teddy, Telephone, Television, Thank You, Toilet, Touch, Uncle, Walk, Water, Where, Yes.

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