ACARA Certification

Australian Baby Hands Products – Accredited As Certified Auslan Resources!

It is Baby Hands policy that we should support and respect the language of the Deaf Community of the country in which baby sign language is being promoted.

In May 2006, a non-profit organisation was established to regulate, research and support the Australian Sign Language (Auslan) industry. This body is known as The Auslan Certification and Research Association Ltd or ACARA.
Baby Sign Language certification

One of ACARA’s key roles is to:
Review and Certify resources and services containing sign language which are intended for use and/or sale within Australia to ensure that resources and services available to Australian people:

1. accurately reflect the naturally evolving Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN), including relevant dialects,
2. are available and clearly identifiable within the Australian market place (and overseas where applicable), for all those who require or desire sign language to communicate, whether as their main, secondary or professional language.

Baby Hands submitted Australian Baby Hands products to be reviewed and accredited as Certified Auslan Resources. This process now certifies that Australian Baby Hands is using 100% Auslan signs. These are the signs that Deaf children in Australia use when learning to communicate.

We see no reason why we should amend a beautifully established sign language to create a new baby sign language system. By using Australian Baby Hands, you are using the established sign language of Australia and you are opening up an opportunity for you and your baby to communicate with the Deaf community of Australia in very basic sign language.

Baby sign language is very different to adult sign language. Baby signing is about opening up the lines of communication with your preverbal infant so you know what they want or need.

This is a very simplified process using only some of the signs or gestures from Auslan.

You may only be learning “pidgin” sign language but we feel it is important not to use “made-up” signs as this restricts the number of people your baby can communicate with and be understood by. If you were in France, you would learn “pidgin” French to help you communicate with those around you, you would not make up your own language to assist with communication. If you live in Australia, why not use an established signing system which will introduce you and your baby to an environment where your signing is consistent with the Deaf community and a vast majority of baby signing parents, families and care workers.

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In October 2006, Australian Baby Hands was officially certified by ACARA. To date it is the only baby sign language resource on the market which has achieved this accreditation.