Baby Sign Language Classes In Sydney Inner West NSW

Hi, my name is Catherine Carrier and I run regular baby sign classes throughout the Inner West for parents and their bubs.

I also run regular information sessions at libraries, playgroups, mother’s groups and child care centers.

If you would like me to attend your group, just contact me through the details below.

Check my blog for up and coming courses or use the below contact form to get the latest information from Baby Hands Inner West.

I will be at the following events coming up in Sydney. Be sure to pop in and say hi!

Birth and Parenting Expo – North Sydney – 25th June
Matilda’s Market – Moore Park – 27th August
Birth Choice Expo – Petersham – 18th September

My Baby Sign Story:
I discovered baby sign language when I was pregnant with my first son, Robson. I attended a Baby Hands course when Robson was three months old.

The course provided a great opportunity to learn baby sign language in a fun and interactive environment- and Robson loved it!

Robson is now 2 ½ years old and has an every expanding spoken and signing vocabulary. Signing makes it so much easier to learn new words and when he cant say a word properly he signs it (or asks for the sign for it) and we can continue our little chats!

Our biggest signing achievement so far with Robson has been toilet training him at 2 years old. It consisted of taking his nappy off- cleaning up a total of five wee-wee accidents over two days and that is it! Using signs encouraged Robson to stay aware of his bodily functions and take more notice of them as he grew. It was fun to tell us through signs that he was doing “wee-wee” or “poo-poo”.

In August 2010, we welcomed our second son into the world- Charlton- and we are already signing with him. As at June 2011, Charlie has just stated signing “Milk”.

Log into my blog for regular updates on our signing progress with our sons.

Contact details:
Catherine Carrier
Phone: 0410 559 696
My Blog– for current information on Baby Signing in Sydney’s Inner West area

Or please send me a message using the online form below.

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