Issue No.1 August 2006
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Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

Welcome to the first Australian Baby Hands Newsletter!

I would like to thank everyone who has visited Australian Baby Hands since its launch. It has been an amazing time and the emails and stories from everyone are so interesting so please keep them coming!

To celebrate the launch of Australian Baby Hands Newsletter we have a special offer for all our subscribers so that you can receive 10% off any Australian Baby Hands product.
So for all you parents who have been practicing your signing with the chart this is a perfect opportunity for you to take it to the next level.
Also for anyone who has already purchased my book this is a great opportunity to get a set of flashcards, or even a second book as a gift for a friend.

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This Month:

What is Baby Sign Language?
Now this might seem an obvious question to you reading this as I'm sure you know the answer after visiting my site, but a recent poll by Huggies of over 7000 people showed that there were still very few parents who really knew what baby sign language is all about.

Poll results courtesy of
Huggies Baby Club

Do you have an interest in baby sign language?
I use this already 528 7%
I'd like to know more 4815 68%
Not at all 1764 25%

So in order to try and help out all those who want to know more if you would like to forward this article please send it on to as many parents as you know who would be interested:,_findings_and_benefits.pdf

Question Corner?

This section of the newsletter is to answer any questions parents, childcare workers or family members may have about baby sign language. Our question this month is:
Does signing delay speech?
Baby sign language does not delay speech. All the research that has been conducted in this area suggests that if anything, baby sign language accelerates the speech process. As discussed in my book, it is very important when introducing baby sign into your home that when you use the sign that you also say the word. This way you are encouraging speech.

To submit your questions, please send them through to me via the contact us form on my site.

Book Signing Tour:
Two weeks ago was the beginning of my book tour around NSW, QLD, ACT & VIC. It has been great to finally get out there and meet so many of you and help answer your questions. It’s also been fun hearing your stories on how baby sign language has made a difference in your home.

Thank you to everyone who has come along so far and I hope I will get to meet lots more of you in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye on the website as we will be adding additional book signing venues and dates over the coming weeks. For those of you in WA, SA, TAS & NT, I have not forgotten about you and I’m hoping to include dates to your state before the end of the year.

Click here for pictures from some of the events that have taken place so far:

More dates coming up: For full details including address click here:
Saturday 19th Aug. 1.30pm Angus & Robertson Parramatta NSW
Friday 25th Aug. 3:00pm Angus & Robertson Chadstone VIC
Saturday 26th Aug 3:30pm Borders Knox VIC
Sunday 27th Aug. 12:00pm Dymocks High Point VIC
Saturday 2nd Sep. 12:00pm Angus & Robertson Hornsby NSW
Saturday 16th Sep. 12:00pm Angus & Robertson Kotara NSW
(This date has changed, was previously the 9th September)

Your Stories:
The book signing tour has enabled me to meet so many of you and hear your stories and also see some of your babies signing. It’s been an amazing time for me and I want to offer you all the opportunity to share your stories now through our monthly newsletter.

To forward your story or a photo of your baby signing, you can email me at

This month’s story is from Tanya Smith from Melbourne. Here is what she had to say about baby sign language:

"After a very difficult first 8 months with my daughter in pain, crying and not sleeping much, I knew that being able to communicate with her would surely make things easier. We started signing when she was about 8 months old and after about 7-8 weeks she started to sign back to us. The first time she signed that she wanted milk was so thrilling. At last we knew what she wanted! She is slowly starting to pick up more signs now and I know that things will continue to improve. My three year old son has also taken a very keen interest in what we're doing with our hands and has started to help his baby sister 'talk with her hands'."
Tanya Smith, Melbourne
Mother of Jessica, 11 months and Danial 3 years

If you have a story or a picture of your baby signing please email them through to me at

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