Issue No.2 September 2006
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Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

Welcome to the September Australian Baby Hands Newsletter!

What a great month we have had here at Baby Hands. With two TV appearances in one week and the continuation of my book signing tour it’s been a busy time!

A big welcome to all the new parents who have joined us in the last few weeks and are beginning to introduce baby sign language into their lives. Remember start slowly with 5-6 signs, be consistent and have FUN with your baby.

This Month:
Question Corner?
I got asked a question by one of the mums at a talk I did this month which I thought would be interesting for this part of the newsletter, especially since we live in such a multicultural environment in Australia:

How do I introduce baby sign language in a bilingual environment?
There are two schools of thought concerning introducing a child to two languages and using sign language also.

The first way you can do it is to separate the language by person. For example if you speak English and your partner speaks Spanish, you would speak English and introduce the sign while your partner would speak Spanish and introduce the sign.

The other way to do it is to separate the language by place. For example, home may be where you would speak Spanish and sign the word and then anywhere outside the home, you would use English and sign language.

The first method seems to be the most effective and popular way.

To submit your questions, please send them to me

Book Signing Tour:
I still have a number of signings around NSW coming up between now and Christmas and would love to see you there. Even if you already have my book, Australian Baby Hands, please feel free to drop by and have a chat as it is a great chance for me to meet so many of the people I only ever get to communicate with via email.

More dates coming up: For full details including address click here:

Saturday 16th Sept: 12:00pm Angus & Robertson Kotara NSW
Friday 22nd Sept: 12:00pm Dymocks Erina NSW
Friday 13th Oct: 10.00am Angus & Robertson Wetherill Park NSW
Saturday 14th Oct: 10.00am Angus & Robertson Winston Hills NSW
Friday 27th Oct: 11.00am Dymocks Tuggeranong ACT
Saturday 4th Nov: 11.00am Angus & Robertson Blacktown NSW

Kerri-Anne and David & Kim TV appearances:
As I mentioned at the beginning two TV appearances in one week was quite a shock the to the system. For those of you who saw Kerri-Anne and enjoyed the Cleo Bachelors of the year, I got to sit in the Green Room with them before they went on. Unfortunately I was so nervous about appearing on the show that I barely even noticed them, hunky as they were!

For anyone who missed the shows we hope to be able to put the clip from Kerri-Anne on the site but for legal reasons we are not allowed to put the clip from David and Kim up. Hopefully we will still be able to put up some pictures though.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Karley, Emma and Claire for coming on Kerri-Anne with me and bringing on their wonderful children.
Also thank you to Kate and Harmonie for coming on David and Kim.
You were all fantastic and really helped me get through the shows.
Feedback after the shows was amazing and so much support from various groups who are so happy to see Baby Sign Language promoted using Auslan.

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement!

We experienced a massive amount of traffic to the website after each of the shows. Because of this a few people experienced some problems as the website got a bit overloaded. If you experienced any problems with the site when you were trying to visit after one of the shows please re-visit

Your Stories:
This month’s story comes from Dianne who teaches Nursery at her Sunday School and really illustrates the power of communication that babies can have through using Auslan.

“I’ve been using Australian Baby Hands to teach my Sunday school class for the last 4 weeks, just 4 lessons of 2 hours each. Last week something happened that I thought was amazing. One of the hearing impaired members of the church was 'chatting' to one of our adult members who signs. She must have asked for a drink, because one of 'my' children toddled over and offered her his bottle. She just stood there looking at him, and when she didn't take it he signed 'drink' and offered it to her again. She was thrilled, the member she was chatting to was stunned, and I was pretty darned surprised myself!”
Dianne Fernandez
Sunday School Nursery Teacher - ages 18 - 30 months

Are you getting the whole family involved? I get lots of feedback, mostly from Mums, and lately quite a few Grandmothers who are getting involved as well. I would love to hear more from Fathers and extended family members. If you have a story or a picture of your baby signing please email them through to me at

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