Issue No.4 November 2006
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Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

Welcome to the November Australian Baby Hands Newsletter!

This month along with our usual features we have exciting news about Australian Baby Hands products becoming accredited Auslan resources!
Share your stories and ask questions in Huggies great new baby sign language forum.
Also your chance to enter and win up to $1,000,000 in prizes!!!

This Month:
  • Australian Baby Hands Products - Accredited as Certified Auslan Resources!

    This month we are very pleased to announce that all Australian Baby Hands products have been certified as official Auslan resources.
    It has always been our philosophy to encourage and support the use of Auslan through our products and I'm very excited that all Australian Baby Hands products will have the official ACARA logo on them from now on.
    To read more about this please visit here.
    Australia's Only Certified Baby Sign Language Resources


  • Question Corner?

    This month - "How does my baby develop language and literacy skills?"
    There are numerous studies on babies and their stages of development. I have outlined some of them in Australian Baby Hands. Studies have shown that babies brains develop billions of cells while in the womb, growing from 400grams at birth to 1000 grams in the first year.

    Studies by Professors at George Washington University showed that your baby's brain development and growth is a combination of nature (your baby's genes) and nurture (your baby's surroundings, interactions, contact etc.

    This months article, Early Literacy, looks at how you can help your baby's development through interaction with books


  • Huggies Parents Exchange:

    In our first ever newsletter we gave you some results from a poll that Huggies had carried out to find out what their members knew about baby sign language.
    I have been lucky enough to be asked to participate on the Huggies website "Ask The Expert Panel" and answer questions for their members. There is a new forum that has been started in support of baby sign language and I invite you all to come along and join in.
    Visit the forum and share your stories with those parents that are new to baby sign.


  • Your Stories:

    “My son is almost 2 and I am happy to say that within 2 weeks of using some of the signs his first signs to me were "love you" (and he said it for the first time too) he now signs 'thank you/please' and 'more', he thinks its a great game and often gets me to play.”
    Sincerely Narelle Offord
    Woodroffe NT

    Do you have a story and a picture that you would like to share? Send them to me

    To read more stories visit our testimonials page:


  • Parents, Babies and Children's Expo:

    Last month we were at the Parents, Babies and Children's Expo in Melbourne.
    We had a fantastic three days meeting so many new people and hearing stories from those of you who were already using baby sign language.
    After three long satisfying days we flew back to Sydney with tired feet after having a great time. We'll be at future Parent, Babies and Children's Expo's in other states around Australia so hopefully we will get to see more of you then.

Our Stand At the Expo

Congratulations to the winners from our prize draw!! Copies of Australian Baby Hands are in the post to you.


  • Deaf Children Australia Lottery - win up to $1,000,000 in prizes!!:

    Deaf Children Australia has been heavily involved in a very important campaign over the past few weeks to build a house in Blackburn for isolated deaf children and their families who live in the country where there are no deaf services.

    To raise the money, they have launched a lottery especially for women. All the prizes are aimed at improving the lives of women and are amazing (such as your mortgage paid off; your hair and make up done every week for five years; a trip to Tuscany; a house cleaner and a gardener for five years etc) You get to choose 5 out of 12 prizes to the value of $1 million. There are also loads of amazing second, third and early bird prizes.
    You can buy a tickets at or call 1300 667 728.


  • Get Australian Baby Hands Products at Wholesale Prices - up to 42% off:

    There have been many mothers groups contact us over the last few months asking if they could get group discounts on Australian Baby Hands products.
    So to make it easy we have added a whole new section to our online shopping cart where you can purchase direct online our baby sign language products at up to 42% discount off RRP.


  • Australian Baby Hands Christmas Picnic:

    Since the official launch of Australian Baby Hands last year we have had thousands of parents all over Australia contact us, download the free chart or purchase a product.

    This year we would like to have a chance to get together with those of you that are in Sydney. We are planning to have a BBQ in Centennial Park Sydney on Friday December the 8th from 11am.

    This will be a big Thank You for all of your support this year and a chance for me to get to meet some of you and a chance for some of you to meet each other.

    If you would like to attend please contact me to let me know and I will get back to you.