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Issue No.8 March 2007

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Jackie Durnin
Jackie Durnin
Author - Australian
Baby Hands

Welcome to the March Baby Hands Newsletter.

I'm very excited this month as I am taking a trip back to my native Ireland to see my family and friends. It's been four years since my last visit and there are lots of new faces to meet as so many of my friends have had babies in that time.

I look forward to coming back rested and relaxed after a weeks stop over in Thailand for some well deserved R&R after visiting lots of relatives, my Mother was one of 19 children so there are a lot of Durnin's to catch up with :-)


  • Monthly Article Section:
    March - "Can Baby Sign Language Delay Speech?"
    This is a major question for many parents who fear that using baby sign language will delay their child's speech. Baby's are unique and while there are developmental guidelines not all children will follow them. Read this months article for more information.

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  • Your Stories:
    This month we feature a very excited Anneka!

“Hi Jackie, well reading the other stories of bubs signing I knew I had to write and share our success.

We have been signing to Anneka from about 1 month old (some might think this is a bit earlier but it was more about getting my husband and I into the habit – like you suggest a few key signs and we were on our way.

Anneke Picture
Anneka getting very excited

The funniest to date is whenever the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer are used we often see Anneka busy playing, stop turn, look have a bit of a giggle and then do the sign for noise! Sometimes she also gets a bit over excited (as she is in this picture!).

We have been really impressed (as have kindy!) with the ease that Anneka is able to express (pre-verbally) that she is tired, wants food or milk.

Thanks for the encouragement and support.”

Kim Hoskin

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