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Wow, is winter over already? I've just arrived back from a couple of weeks in Ireland in the middle of their "blazing" summer, it 'almost' reached 23deg on a couple of days! :)

Always great to go back and see friends and family though and so many new baby's since I was last home which inspired me for this months post Universal Baby Sign.

Baby & Toddler Show:

Baby & Toddler Show logoI want to invite you to the Brisbane Exhibition Centre to this year's Baby & Toddler Show where you can shop from over 100 of the latest brands, experience amazing toddler entertainment, get quality advice from leading experts, plus loads of 'Show Only' offers!

The Show is on 2nd – 4th September and I will be talking on the Bio-Oil stage each day at 3pm so if you are in or around Brisbane, pop in and say hello and ask any baby sign language question in the interactive Q&A session after my seminar.

We have an Early Bird Ticket offer available now! Buy your Early Bird Ticket and receive 25% off the door price, VIP entry to the Show from 9am, plus a bonus entry to win the brand new Volvo V60!

Monthly Article Section:

So many of my friends and family have had baby's since I was last home it was quite amazing for me to notice how many were actually using sign and they didn't even realise it! See this months post on Universal Baby Sign and why using sign with baby's is such a simple thing to build into your daily routines.

Check out all the article listings from previous newsletters or the latest blog posts listed on the right.==>

Your Stories:

Hi Jackie,

I have been really enjoying teaching Jack (11 months) sign language so I have ordered the Australian Baby Hands book and it arrived the other day. I was keen to find out more signs that related to everyday things that I thought would be useful.

He can now do the signs for Mum, Dad, eat and finished! It is only the beginning and we are having fun :-) Sometimes I will say a word without realising and he will start signing it! So clever!"

Thank you,
Leslie Vale, Tasmania

Baby Signer JAck 

Baby Signer Jack 11 months


Read more stories and see pictures of babies signing:

Do you have a story and a picture that you would like to share? Please contact us and let me know how using baby sign has helped your family.

Baby Signing Classes:

Baby Sign ClasssesJoin one of our teachers for a fun interactive baby sign class and get to meet other baby signers in your area.

If you would like a FREE baby sign class then all you need to do is organise a minimum of 5 friends to attend a class and as the organiser you will get the class for free.

Contact your nearest teacher today and organise a class for your mothers group or group of friends

If you have a mothers group or other group of friends interested in a class our teachers can come to you


We are currently looking for teachers around the country.
If you are interested in running your own franchised family friendly business and being part of Australia's largest baby signing company, contact us now and let us know why you would make a great Baby Hands teacher.

  Get Your Australian Baby Hands:

If you haven't got your copy of Australian Baby Hands yet you can purchase direct online through our shopping cart. As well as the Australian Baby Hands book we offer a range of DVD's, books & dictionaries to help you sign.

Australian Baby Hands is an accredited Auslan product and recommended by Childcare Associations and Professionals around Australia.

Happy Signing

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August 2nd , 2011
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August 2nd, 2011
Universal Baby Sign

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