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The first week of December and the start of summer – where did the year go? This month's article " The Difference in Language Acquisition for Signing and Non-Signing Children" highlights the key milestones American parents have experienced in relation to language acquisition with their signing babies.

I thought it would be great to get your feedback so we can understand what Australian parents are experiencing in relation to these milestones also. I know December is a busy time but if you have a spare 30 seconds, you will help us understand baby signing and language acquisition in relation to Australian parents.

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Your Stories:

"Learning to sign was both fun and useful for my 2 children. I started signing Alec at 3ish months I think (now he's turning 6 in Aug). At day care his teachers would say how good his language skills were.

From about 3 he knew and recognised all his alphabet upper and lower case, and by 4 he could write some simple words and read and answer sentences I would write on the white board for him.

We would read books multiple times each day from birth and at about 3 he had memorised 23 pages of a Dr Seuss book practically word for word. He would feel so proud of himself.

He started school being able to write the alphabet in upper case. During his best start interview for kindy this year, his teacher had him reading a reader level 12 book.

We started on reader level 8 - I requested this because his classmates were starting on level 1-3, and he has been reading level 16 for 3 weeks now. (He is a year ahead in reading). I am so proud of him!"

Lisa Gizariotis
Berowr, NSW

Alec and Sister Baby Signers

Alec and His Sister


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Happy Signing

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