As I posted yesterday we got a short notice call about a story that The Morning Show wanted to do about Baby Hands and Baby Sign Language which we shot in the studio in Sydney this morning.

For those of you that missed it you can watch it below here, I’d recommend pressing play and letting it buffer for a few seconds (this will also allow you to skip over the ad at the beginning).

Thanks very much to Katica and baby Marley for coming in with me.  They have been attending classes with Catherine, our in Inner West teacher.  Marley did really well under the bright lights and pulled out quite an impressive array of signs.  If you watch closely you will even see that when he is first asked to sign “cat” he signs “where” as he is looking for the cat.

If you would like to attend a class on Baby Sign then please contact one of our teachers.

If you can organise a group of 5 or more then, as the organiser, you will get the class for free.

Happy Signing