Using Sign Language with Toddlers

Using Sign Language with Toddlers How many parents currently have a toddler going through the “terrible two’s” and wonder is there something out there that could help? Baby sign language could be the answer you are looking for. Many parents ask me “Is it too late toRead more

Evolution of Sign Language

The Evolution of Sign Language I wrote this article as many people have emailed me asking what the difference is between Auslan and ASL. By writing Australian Baby Hands I hoped to help parents bridge the communication gap with their baby and spread the word about AuslanRead more

Signing & Rhyming

There are many ways to introduce baby sign language into home. In the first instance, at Baby Hands we recommend starting around your routines of the day.  These include your routines or eating, drinking, playing, changing, bathing and sleeping. It’s important to start slowly and choose only

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Your Bedtime Routine & Baby Sign Language

I have had many friends and families talk about the importance of getting their baby into a routine especially in relation to their baby’s sleep. Once this routine is established, it results in a happier baby and happier less sleepy parents. But have you considered using baby

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International Adoption Frustration Eased with Baby Sign Language

  International adoption is a great opportunity for families. And bringing small children into your home—whether biologically yours or not—comes with its own set of challenges. Big opportunities for success come in the early stages of the child’s adjustment into their new home. Australian Baby Hands wants

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The Difference in Language Acquisition for Signing and Non-Signing Children

I recently read an article which highlighted in a table the differences between a signing baby and their non-signing counterpart in language acquisition.  This table appeared on an American blog called Baby Sign Shine and I thought it would be great to share it with all you

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Using Sign Language with Preschoolers

Many parents wonder what will happen to their children’s signs as they get older and if there is any benefit in continuing to use sign language with them.  Will they continue to use their signs once they develop speech?  If so, what is the benefit of using

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Clarifying Motivational Signs

What’s the definition of motivational signs? Parents approach this definition differently and the result is different parents introduce different motivational signs. The key difference is that by introducing motivational signs correctly some babies will be signing back a lot sooner than others. So I thought I would

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Baby Sign Language & Travel

How many of you have previously travelled with a baby, cialis toddler or young child? How many of you have travelled with more than one child? With school holidays fast approaching, many families have already booked their holidays. Whether it’s a long or short journey, kids need

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Universal Baby Signs

I have just spent the last two weeks at home in Ireland visiting friends and family and got to catch up with lots of new baby’s that have been born. These babies ranged in ages from 3-6 months and there were an equal split of boys and

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