Is My Baby To Old For Baby Sign

Parents of older baby’s nearing or at toddler age often ask me “Now, that my baby is over twelve months old, is it too late to introduce baby sign language?”. The answer to this is NO.

Many parents assume that due to its title “baby sign language”, that this language is exclusively for babies. This is far from the case. Simple sign language such as baby sign is used extensively with many different groups of people such as:

– children with communication difficulties
frustrated toddlers
– with children of all ages as a vocabulary building tool
– with victims of a stroke with communication difficulties

These are but a few examples of when simple sign language can be used. So for parents who have children with communication difficulties or parents who have frustrated toddlers, where do you start?

It is irrelevant what age you start signing with your child, the process is still the same. It is important to start slowly and introduce only a handful of signs. It is important that these signs are both practical and motivational signs for your child. Practical signs may include eat, drink and sleep whereas motivational signs may include book, teddy bear or car. Each child is unique so choose signs that are of interest to your child.

If your child is older, you will generally not have to wait so long to experience your child’s first sign. Depending on your child, the level of signing consistency and the number of people signing to your child, will determine the time it will take for your child to be creating their first sign.

Please remember to always sign and say the word and to give as many examples of the sign as you can. This will encourage your child to speak and also assist your child in making the connection between the sign and word you are trying to communicate.

And remember, you can start using sign language at any age…’s fun!

Happy Signing!

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Article written by Jackie Durnin:
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