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Introducing Australian Baby Hands Baby Sign Language Classes – The Baby Hands Institute

What do the Baby Hands Institute classes offer?

Australian Baby Hands developed the Baby Hands Institute in order to provide classes where parents can learn how to introduce baby sign language into their home but also to help parents and babies expand their signing vocabularies in a fun, educational environment. The Baby Hands Institute offer a range of classes for beginners right through to the advanced baby signing. Each class has been developed with the guidance of child care educators and Auslan professionals to ensure we are offering an educational experience for babies which is using 100% Auslan signs.

In each of our 1 hour baby sign language classes you will:

  • Learn a number of signs relating to a specific theme.
  • Learn different ways to use these signs with your baby – using song, thumb stories and activities.
  • Meet other parents in your local area who are also interested in baby sign language and you will get to know them in our “social time” at the end of class.
  • Introduce your baby to other babies in the local area.

Baby Hands Institute classes are well structured and offer parents and children lots of opportunity to practice their baby signs.

Our teachers are very passionate about baby sign language and are either parents, have worked with children and/or have experience in learning/using Auslan.

It is important that all our teachers are competent in conducting a baby sign language class and are using all signs correctly. For this reason, all our teachers go through comprehensive training before graduating as a Baby Hands Teacher.

Our classes are suitable for 0-3 year olds. Depending on the age of your baby will determine how physically involved they will be in the class.

For the younger babies, the classes are there to demonstrate to parents how to use baby sign language with your baby and to also get you comfortable with using baby sign language.

It will help you increase your signing vocabulary. The more the signing becomes part of your routines, the more consistent you will be and the quicker your baby will begin to understand what it is you are trying to communicate.

Baby Hands Institute offer a number of workshops, each with 6 classes per workshop.

Once you have completed a workshop, you graduate and can advance onto the next level.

Find a class in your area, see our list of Baby Hands teachers and the area they are holding classes in. You can also contact the teachers directly with any questions you may have in relation to the classes.

If you are interested in running your own franchised business and becoming a Baby Hands Teacher, please visit our page on How to become a Baby Hands teacher .