Information About Baby Sign Language for Parents

Welcome to the Australian Baby Hands Information for Parents Page.

Baby Sign Language is the use of basic signs to help bridge the gap of communication for pre-verbal children.

Use of these basic gestures can help your child to let you know what it is that they want or what they are thinking long before they develop the ability to speak.

The reason why many nursery rhymes such as Twinkle Twinkle little star are so popular with children are the actions that are used which help the child to understand what the song is about.

Using baby sign is just a natural progression of the use of sign to allow your child to communicate further.

Australian Baby Hands was developed to create baby sign language resources for parents, sickness families and child care workers using Auslan (Australian sign language) and is currently the only accredited baby sign language company in Australia.

All signs used in our products and classes are 100% Auslan.

This means that you are using the same signs as the Deaf community of Australia.
Australian Baby Hands has been incorporated into thousands of homes and childcare centres throughout Australia. Read stories from parents using baby sign language .

If you are a parent interested in learning about baby sign language for the first time or learning more about baby sign language, medical you have come to the right place.

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