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Here you will find articles of interest not only on baby sign but also on babies and their development.

Is my baby to old for signing? – By Jackie Durnin

Many parents assume that due to its title “baby sign language”, that this language is exclusively for babies. This is far from the case.

The Evolution Of Sign Language? – By Jackie Durnin

How sign language has devolped from other country’s over time?

Using Baby Sign Language With Toddlers – By Jackie Durnin

How many parents currently have a toddler going through the “terrible two’s” and wonder is there something out there that could help?

Interpreting Your Baby’s First Signs – By Jackie Durnin

As a parent, your baby’s “first sign” is greeted with as much excitement as your baby’s “first word”.

Mixing Practical and Motivational Signs – By Jackie Durnin

Are you a parent who has introduced baby sign language into your home but you are not seeing the results you anticipated?

Substituting Words In Baby Sign Language– By Jackie Durnin

Many parents have their own words that they prefer to use with their baby in certain situations such as meal times, breastfeeding, bedtime etc.

Can Baby Sign Language Delay Speech? – By Jackie Durnin

Baby Sign Language is a growing phenomenon around Australia after the inception of using sign language with babies began in America.

Two Languages & A Baby – By Jackie Durnin

If introducing my baby to two languages already, how do I incorporate baby sign language into this process?

Milestones In Your Baby’s Language Development – By Jackie Durnin

Baby sign language has been shown to very beneficial to a baby’s language development.

A Little Help On the Road To Talking– By Jackie Durnin

From the moment your baby is born, they begin to learn language skills from the people and environment around them.

Signing Steps To Succes With Baby Sign Language – By Jackie Durnin

When you introduce signing to your baby, gradually introduce the signs one at a time.

Research, Findings and Benefits of Baby Sign Language – By Jackie Durnin

From all the studies conducted in this field the benefits of introducing your baby to sign language are vast.

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