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When should I begin teaching my child baby sign language?

It is your decision when you begin signing to your baby but remember that due to the development of your child’s motor skills, in most cases they will not be able to sign back to you until they are 6 months old or more. Some parents’ sign to their children from birth and some introduce their children to it when they are beginning to speak (12 months+). Ultimately there is no right or wrong time to introduce your baby to this wonderful language and its benefits.

How long can it take for a child to learn baby sign language?

This depends on many factors such as

Your child’s age

The recommended age to begin teaching your baby is six months old. Children develop at different rates and some children will pick up baby sign language within a few weeks while others may take a number of months.

The frequency of signs used around your baby

The key to successfully teaching your baby sign language is consistency. The more your baby sees a certain sign being made, the sooner your baby will recognise it and begin to imitate what it sees. Also encourage your family and your childcare provider to use the signs that you are attempting to integrate into you and your baby’s life.

If your child is more interested in people or their surroundings.

Some babies are interested in people and will watch the people around them with fascination. They will watch what they do and eventually will want to imitate them.
Others are more interested in all that surrounds them, in inanimate objects. Babies who are more interested in the items around them may be slower to pick up sign language as they have less interest in communication.

What are the benefits of teaching your child baby sign language?

There are many benefits to teaching your child baby sign language. Personally I think the most profound benefit is the bond baby sign language creates between you and your baby and how baby sign language provides an insight into your baby’s thoughts. Other possible benefits include a foundation for early literacy, an increased I.Q., improved memory, a more confident happy baby and also helps to accelerate the speech process.

What is the difference between Australian Sign Language and American Sign Language?

Sign language is not a universal language, each country has its own version of sign language and its own colloquialisms. The main difference between the various signed languages is whether they use one or two hands to make a sign. Australian Sign Language is a two-handed system that is related to British sign language. American Sign Language is a one-handed system and is primarily descended from French Sign Language.

I have no previous experience in sign language; will I be able to do baby sign language with my child?

The best thing about Australian Baby Hands is that it is a step-by-step guide to introducing baby sign language to you and your baby. The process is simple and no previous experience is necessary to master this beautiful language and experience the many benefits.

Will teaching my baby to use baby sign language discourage my baby from learning to talk?

Research shows that babies introduced to baby sign language from a young age generally accelerate the speech process. Also when a signing baby begins to speak, they have a much greater vocabulary than a non-signing baby.

How do I introduce baby sign language in a bilingual environment?

There are two schools of thought concerning introducing a child to two languages and using sign language also.

The first way you can do it is to separate the language by person. For example if you speak English and your partner speaks Spanish, you would speak English and introduce the sign while your partner would speak Spanish and introduce the sign.

The other way to do it is to separate the language by place. For example, home may be where you would speak Spanish and sign the word and then anywhere outside the home, you would use English and sign language.

The first method seems to be the most effective and popular way.

How do I get started?

To start communicating with your baby simply click here for your copy of Australian Baby Hands.

Does Australian Baby Hands have a money-back guarantee?

Australian Baby Hands comes with a 100% No-Risk, one-year money-back guarantee. This means you have 365 days to experience the benefits of this simple informative book. This gives you a chance to see what these educational sign language games can do for you and your baby. If you don’t feel like you have genuinely experienced any benefits, or the book does not live up to your expectations, send me back the book and I’ll instantly refund your purchase price, no questions asked.*

*Refund offer applies only to those books purchased directly through Baby Hands Pty Ltd. This offer does not apply to purchases made through book stores or any other distributor channel. Books must be returned in re-salable condition. Postage and handling charges not refundable.

Do I get to keep the bonuses no matter what I decide?

If for any reason Australian Baby Hands does not live up to your expectations during the guarantee period, your purchase price shall be refunded in full and you will get to keep your free bonuses.*

*Refund offer applies only to those books purchased directly through Baby Hands Pty Ltd. This offer does not apply to purchases made through book stores or any other distributor channel. Books must be returned in re-salable condition. Postage and handling charges not refundable.

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