Baby Sign Language Classes In Marion SA

Hi, my name is Avonna Bennett and I am proudly the first Baby Hands instructor offering classes in South Australia (Marion area).

I was introduced to the concept & benefits of baby signing even before I fell pregnant & knew then and there that this would be something I would use with my children. I was fascinated by how such young pre-verbal babies were clearly able to use the hand signs to communicate their needs with their parents & family members

When I later learned I was pregnant with twins – it was obvious to me that this was something I NEEDED to do. I can only think of one thing worse than a frustrated, upset & crying baby – and that’s more than one at the same time!

At 5 months of age, I have been signing with my twin boys now for several weeks, and can already see their interest in my hand gestures to words they are already familiar with. Their little eyes dart up to watch my mouth as I say the word, then down to my hands as I use the baby signing hand gesture, then back up to my mouth & eyes as I say the word again. I know that even at this early stage they are understanding and creating the link between the words and signs I am using with them. Their favourite signs are “MILK”, “EAT”, and “MORE”.

My background includes extensive training of adults in business, so my interest in teaching parents to communicate with their babies (long before they can talk) combines all of my previous skills and then some. The Baby Hands classes are 1 hour of fun, interactive learning, socialisation and communication. We use songs, stories & other activities to illustrate how easy it is to incorporate baby signing into your everyday family life each week.
I am currently holding FREE Introductory DEMONSTRATION classes – so you can experience what baby signing is all about, and how it could benefit you & your children. Mums, Dads and carers are welcome.

Classes are held in the playgroup activity room of the Corner Church (Cnr Diagonal & Oaklands Road) Marion.

I encourage extended family members to learn baby signing – so if you have a grandma, grandpa, father, older sibling, aunt or uncle who would like to attend a session with you – they are more than welcome!

Please contact me directly if you would like to attend a DEMO class as class numbers are kept small to create the best learning environment possible. Follow-on Beginner to Advanced classes are always being scheduled.

Contact Details For Class Information

Please call me on 0402 650 378 for further information or email me using the form below.