Baby Sign Language Classes In Northern Beaches NSW

Hi, my name is Lena Lowe,

I experienced the ease and thrill of baby signing with my first son Taiaroa, who used over 70 signs before speech took over, so I am committed to introducing Baby Hands into as many families as possible across the Northern Beaches. My family is now having fun teaching baby signing to my second son Billy who was born in March.

The benefits are numerous, including reduced frustration, earlier verbal communication, improved memory & cognitive development, improved literacy. Gesturing is such an intuitive response for a child and so much easier at first than coordinating tongue, lips, respiratory muscles, diaphragm, larynx etc. Baby sign language just makes sense! Why wouldn’t you want to start the communication with your child as soon as possible and reduce their (and your) frustration at not being able to get their point across.

I have been teaching Baby Hands classes for the past two years and the response from parents and bubs has been brilliant. The classes are 45 minutes of structured play, the best environment for learning. We start by teaching the themed signs, then we have fun with the songs, stories, activities and games that you will take home and keep practicing with.

The classes are of course also a great way to meet like-minded parents from your neighbourhood, as well as being a fun socialising activity for your child.

My Baby Hands classes are particularly popular with Mothers Groups in private homes, as I come to you and you can keep your regular Mothers Group time slot. Other benefits of Mothers Group classes include familiar faces, a novel focal point for a catch-up and a built in network of bubs for you and your child to revise your signs with. Dads don’t despair, many of my classes, particularly in the weekend, have more Dads than Mums!

In Term 3 I am offering weekly classes and monthly workshops in, Yoganic at Willoughby and YOUR place.

Classes in private homes, playgroups & childcare centres are as requested. The timetable is outlined below and enrollment is required before attendance. Class size is limited to maximise learning and to allow entire families to attend together wherever possible, so please book early to avoid disappointment. I would love to hear from you with any questions, as baby signing is usually unfamiliar territory until you find yourself with a bub. So please drop me a line using the form below or give me a call to learn more; 0403 946 833.

I look forward to introducing you and your bub to the beautiful and satisfying world of baby signing!

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Phone: 0403 946 833

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