Baby Sign Language Classes In Melbourne, Whitehorse VIC

“I really enjoyed the course. It was very well organized and covered a lot. I would definitely recommend Amanda’s course to others.”

Hi, my name is Amanda Crossland and I am the proud mum of 2 signing and hearing children and a very proud Baby Hands teacher. I have been teaching baby sign language classes in Melbourne since 2010 and helped over 250 Melbourne families experience the joys of signing with babies and toddlers. This is me with my wonderful son Ollie (age 17 m) showing off a couple of his signs:

Your baby is capable of communicating with sign (and not crying) from a very young age. It is common for parents to recognise signs from babies aged around 5-6 months, although some babies can start signing before this and many will respond appropriately to a sign and word from a very young age.

Aiden’s (6 m) mum started signing with him 5 weeks ago and he has already signed ‘milk’! “He was in the middle of a nappy change, yelling, waving his arms up and down so I asked him if he wanted milk (signing milk) and he calmed right down straight away while I got his milk ready!”

“Signing success! Our baby (9 months) signed milk this morning while I was changing him (and not a normal feed time) and was so happy when I signed back to him and he got his milk!”

Toddlers will pick up signing very quickly and those “Terrible Twos” can be just about eliminated as children can ask for what they want or need before they can say the words clearly enough to be understood.

“Our daughter who was in your class just before Christmas (2013) who is now almost 11 months has about 10 signs in her repertoire now, it’s been so helpful to understand what she wants”

I have experienced firsthand the joys of being able to understand my pre-verbal children. My son Ollie was born in 2009 and he started signing ‘milk’, ‘bath’ and ‘light’ from 6 months old and by the time he turned 2 he had signed over 130 different words. Ollie signed for things like food and drinks, bed and bath. Ollie would “read” books to us, choose movies or TV shows and excitedly point out the things around him that he was interested in! His speech development has exceeded what is expected of him at each age level.

Our daughter Emily, was born in 2011 and is another super signer. She is still signing between 10-20 different signs daily, from food or drink requests to looking for things around the house (eg Ollie or her favourite shoes), begging for “more books” instead of going to bed, or pleading with me with words and signs for “help” to get out of the pram and “walk”!! She has also signed over 130 different words and is speaking as she signs and showing us her wicked sense of humour already!

‪”Baby Hands (Whitehorse)‬‬ is brilliant. My kid is 32 months old (2 ½ years) and when gets tired just signs. Makes my life so easy. It has also bought speech along in leaps and bounds. He talks better than a lot of kids the same age. And adults without kids understand my kid. Thanks Amanda!”

Baby Hands classes are fun and interactive and we teach parents and carers Auslan signs that can be used all day everyday with babies and toddlers. We sign, we sing, we play games, read books, we laugh and have fun! The signs are relevant and memorable and easy to incorporate into any little one’s routine.

Weekly Baby Hands classes for the whole family are scheduled Sundays in Mitcham during school terms and weekdays are available for groups around Melbourne. So get a group together and I can come to you!

Contact me to organise your FREE Introduction to Baby Sign language session for more information. Get a group of 6 together and you can either get all your classes for FREE or share the discount with all your friends!

“Before doing classes I wondered if there was any point in learning more than 5 words. I find knowing more words, I use baby sign a lot. It feels more natural to use it, now I know more signs.”

I can’t wait to start signing with you too!

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