Sammy the Signing Bear

Sammy is a big beautiful cuddly bear who will capture your child’s hearts and attention. His radiant red jumper is creatively styled so that you can help Sammy come to life.

By placing your hands into Sammy’s bright yellow gloves and pulling his jumper sleeves up your arms, you can begin to animate Sammy arms and have him do baby sign just like any adult.

Watch the reaction of your baby as their new bear Sammy comes to life and makes learning fun.

As well as introducing baby signs with Sammy, he can also be used for imaginative play with your baby.

Physically, Sammy is 60cm from top to bottom and weighs 1 kilo.
Sammy is a big bear with a big heart who has a lot of love to give your baby.

Sammy is a perfect teaching tool for any parent, childcare worker or family member.

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Not recommended for children under 3 without parent supervision.