Family-Proven Benefits of Having a Signing child

Since launching Australian Baby Hands in 2005, we have heard back from many parents on the benefits of introducing sign language into their home and also the benefits of having a signing child. The benefits to having a signing child include:

baby-sign-language-benefits Sign language bridges the gap between preverbal babies and their verbal siblings and parents
baby-sign-language-benefits Parents can correct a child from across the room
baby-sign-language-benefits Parents can get their child’s attention without raising their voice
baby-sign-language-benefits Children can communicate with their Parents without yelling
baby-sign-language-benefits You can eat, drink and sign at the same time
baby-sign-language-benefits Children can be reminded to use their manners in sign language
baby-sign-language-benefits Children learn to read body language
baby-sign-language-benefits Children learn to make small sentences by combining signs
baby-sign-language-benefits You can communicate in a cinema, church or library
baby-sign-language-benefits You can communicate underwater
baby-sign-language-benefits Children can express where they are feeling pain or what they need

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