How We Are Different

Throughout the world, diagnosis the use of baby sign language is increasing in popularity in both the home and childcare environment. The reason for this is the ability for pre-verbal babies to develop their early communication skills and also to reduce or avoid the frustrations of the “terrible two’s”.

There are two schools of thought in relation to the teaching of baby sign language. One school involves introducing made up gestures to your baby and the second school of thought is to introduce the national sign language of the country. For reasons of consistency and standardisation, healing Australian Baby Hands was developed incorporating the national sign language of Australia, sale Auslan. The other main reasons for using the national sign language over made up gestures include:

By using an established set of signs, it is easier to transition your child to different settings e.g. childcare, as there is a high possibility that they too will be using Australian Sign Language.

A lot of Australian Sign Language signs are iconic – they are visual imitations of the actions or objects that they represent. As a result they are easy to learn.

So aside from using Australian Sign Language in our products, what makes us different? There are a lot of baby sign language products on the market and it can be hard for a parent or childcare worker to know what is the best product to suit your needs.

Key questions to consider when purchasing a baby sign language product are the following:

Is the product incorporating the national sign language of the country, in this case, Auslan or Australian Sign Language? By using Australian Sign Language, you are offering your baby consistency through the use of an established language. By using standardised signs, you are allowing all those that interact with your baby to communicate using the same signs and this will also assist with transitioning your baby into a childcare or other environment.

s the product endorsed or accredited? Australian Baby Hands supply the only baby sign language products on the Australian market today that are an accredited Australian Sign Language resource. This means that all signs in Australian Baby Hands have been confirmed as Auslan signs. The book is also endorsed by Deaf Children Australia with 10% of profits being donated to them.

How have other parents found the product and have they been successful in using it? It is important to understand is the book easy to follow and also does it explain how to incorporate baby sign language into your home simply. One way to find this out is to visit their website and review their testimonials page and see what other parents, childcare workers or professionals are saying about the product. To read what parents, childcare workers and professionals are saying about Australian Baby Hands, please visit our Testimonials page.

Does the baby sign language company offer a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase? At Australian Baby Hands, we offer a one-year money back guarantee on all our products.

To learn more about Australian Baby Hands, you can visit our About Us page or to start signing today, simply click here.