As I mentioned in my last blog post I recently got selected to be one of ten local authors interviewed at Woollarah’s local writer festivals.

As promised I have put up the video of my interview for you here so you can see Irena Dunn interview on my book and ask me questions about baby sign language.

One very interesting thing was that straight away the first question Irena asked me was, “Can baby sign be used with hearing babies?

It seems there’s still a big misconception out there that baby sign is for deaf babies or those with learning disabilities which is not true. As babies vocal chords don’t develop until around 18 months but their physical motor skills to be able to sign begin at around 6 months there is a large gap where children are able to communicate physically but not verbally. This is where baby sign can be so useful in all children’s lives helping to reduce frustration and break down the communication barrier.

Enjoy the video and I hope you like the impromptu sign demonstrations at the end.

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