There is not a day that goes by that I don’t get an email from parents telling me stories of how baby sign has made their life easier and created a less frustrated well mannered child.   My Book, DVD, Flashcards & Poster have two signs in common which help parents introduce manners to their children.  So what are these signs that will help you introduce manners to your child?

These signs which are common in all the Australian Baby Hands products and they are “Please” and “Thank You“.

“Please” and “Thank You” are great signs to start introducing the abstract concept of manners to your child.  To introduce these signs, start ending every request by signing and saying the word “please” and once you have carried out the request, sign and say the word “thank you”.

Like all words in baby sign, it will become a habit for your child to use these signs over time.  Consistency is the key.

Below are other examples of where manners can be taught using baby sign language.

Social Situations:  when they meet and greet others, encourage the use of the sign and word “Hello“.  When you are leaving, you can introduce the sign for “Goodbye“. Also introducing the sign for “Sorry” can be beneficial.

Mealtimes:  Signs that can be introduced here are “please”, “thank you”.  Once your baby has begun to combine signs, you can introduce the following combinations “more – please”, “finished – thank you”, “help – please”.

I look forward to hearing your baby sign language story about manners!