Just over 2 weeks ago, the topic of baby sign language was mentioned on the Channel 7 TV show, Packed to the Rafters.

In episode ten of the series, Julie steps out of her comfort zone by joining a local mother’s group and meets another mum by the name of Stephanie.

Stephanie demonstrates some baby signing with her baby Orlando in front of Julie.

Prior to the episode going to air, I spoke to the representatives of Packed to the Rafters to confirm that they would be using Auslan baby sign language on the show. I expressed the importance of using Auslan baby sign in the show rather than using a made up signing system or a sign language from another country. The show confirmed with me that it was Auslan baby sign language that would be featured in the episode.

In the episode Stephanie mentions to Julie how she is teaching her son signing. Julie then comments “as in…” to which Stephanie replies “Auslan”. In the episode Stephanie does a one-handed sign for milk to her son and expresses how great it is to know what her son Orly wants using baby sign language.

While the topic of the episode revolved more around Julie stepping outside of her comfort zone and the competitiveness of mums, it was great to see some baby sign language on a top rated TV show such as Packed to the Rafters. While it did not convinced Julie’s character to pursue it, it did mention Auslan baby signing as well as expressing how babies are sponges at a young age and baby signing is a fantastic way to communicate with them while pre-verbal.

Ideally, it would have been great to have seen a baby signing on the show. I am sure among all the Baby Hands baby signers out there we could have assisted them with this. This would have demonstrated the amazing benefits of baby signing to Aussie mums. Maybe next time 🙂

For those of you who missed the episode, you can watch the segment below, the video automatically starts at the segment where Julie meets Stephanie in the park (6:23 in)

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