What’s the definition of motivational signs? Parents approach this definition differently and the result is different parents introduce different motivational signs.

The key difference is that by introducing motivational signs correctly some babies will be signing back a lot sooner than others.

So I thought I would try and highlight a couple of the most common motivational signs I have seen and how they have resulted in a signing success story.

When I refer to motivational signs in my book or dvd, order I am referring to signs or words that your baby will find exciting, fun or interesting and will want them to learn more. Each baby is different and will find different things interesting and fun but what I have found is start slowly and only choose a couple of motivational signs to get started with (2 or 3). So if you only have 2 or 3 signs to choose from, what ones will make the most impact, result in a signing success story?

A friend of mine, Vanessa introduced Baby Hands baby signing to her son from 5 months of age. She introduced some of the common signs of milk, more, mum, dad and eat. She understood the importance of being consistent with her signing and signed each day and got Dad involved in the process too.

After a couple of months I got a deflated email from her wondering why it wasn’t working. I checked the signs she had introduced. I then asked her what her son liked, had fun at, got excited about. She instantly said books and when she reads a book to him. So she introduced the sign for book and within a couple of weeks, Vanessa had her first sign back and the signing explosion soon followed. Reading with your baby has many benefits including introducing and reinforcing baby signs with your child.

For all you mums and dads out there, the signs for mum and dad are great but they may not be as motivational as the sign for bath, book, teddy bear, music or any animal sign. Some parents think that introducing mum and dad signs may cover the motivational signs but for baby, this may not be the case.

As well as introducing your mum and dad signs, think of things your baby loved to do and try and also include those “fun” signs in your daily routine. This will make a massive difference to your baby’s signing journey and the time it takes for you to get your first sign back.

Another way to accelerate the signing process is to sing and sign and combine it with your motivational or “fun” signs. Research has highlighted that singing and signing is great to help enhance your baby’s vocabulary. Does your baby like animals? If so, why not try singing “Old MacDonald” and sign the animal you choose to include. This is simple, fun and something easy you can do regularly with your baby.


So to recap, choose your motivational signs wisely. Think fun, exciting things that your baby loves and introduce those signs. Introduce them through your routines of the day, through play time by singing and signing or at bed time with a story. Stick to your 5-6 signs and be consistent and it won’t be long before you too are sending me your own baby signing story. I look forward to receiving it! ?