I have had many friends and families talk about the importance of getting their baby into a routine especially in relation to their baby’s sleep. Once this routine is established, it results in a happier baby and happier less sleepy parents.

But have you considered using baby sign language to help you establish and support this important routine in your life. Baby sign language is something that is simple to learn and easy to incorporate into this vital process – the Bedtime Routine.

The key to establishing a successful bedtime routine for your baby is consistency. This too is a key to success for baby sign language. For this reason, using baby sign language to support your baby’s bedtime routine is a great way to conquer two great systems at the same time, that will benefit you and your baby.

To help you establish your bedtime routine, below are some suggestions on how you can incorporate baby sign language into this routine which will ease your baby’s transition to sleep time.

  • Most parents bedtime routine starts after dinner with a bath. The great thing about using baby sign language is that it lets your baby know what’s going to happen next. There are no surprises for baby.
  • So before placing your baby in the bath, sign and say the word “bath” to let them know what is about to happen. Once the bath is over, sign the word “finished” to let them know that it is time to leave the water and get ready for bed.
  • Following a bath, some parents will brush their baby’s teeth. This is another sign you can use to establish the routine. This is done by brushing your index finger on your teeth like a toothbrush. Once this is done, you again can sign “finished” to let baby know it is time to stop.
  • Once baby is ready for bed, some parents like to read a bedtime story to them. Reading is very beneficial for your baby and a great way to introduce and reinforce baby sign language to your child. When you begin the activity, sign the word “book” to let you baby know that its story time. Choose a simple book and select some words or illustrations to sign to your baby. Again at the end of the story, you can sign finished. This again lets your baby know that the activity has ended.
  • Following the bedtime story, it is time for bed. Sign the word “bed” and place them in their cot / bed. Some parents like to sign “Good night” and “I love You” at this stage also.

Following a routine such as the one outlined above is a great way for you to practice your signs with your baby and to let your baby know what is happening next prior to doing an activity.

Many childcare centres who have incorporated baby sign into their centres have found that using the signs has resulted in a calmed child care centre as the baby’s know what is happening next and begin to know the routines through the baby signs used.

So why not get started with baby sign today and begin using it in your baby’s bedtime routine and see what results you get!