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Using AUSLAN based sign language your baby can tell you what they want when they want it.



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AUSLAN based sign language your baby can tell you what they want, when they want it, reducing frustration for you and your baby!

Dear Parent,

How many times have you looked at your baby and thought, “Why is my baby crying?” If only your baby could tell you what’s wrong, what hurts, what they want or what they need, wouldn’t it make your life a lot easier?

Well now you can! Introducing Australian Baby Hands, Australia’s only accredited Baby Sign Language Products, provides you with fun and easy to use products on how to introduce baby sign language into your home and begin to experience the benefits of baby sign language.


No matter if you are a first time parent or a parent for the 10th time, BABY SIGN LANGUAGE CAN BENEFIT you and can strengthen the bond between you
and your baby, making parenting less stressful.Since launching Australian Baby Hands over two years ago I have had hundreds of wonderful stories
from parents and childcare professionals.

“This is a short video of our 2YO who we have been encouraging to use sign for the basics from around 4 Months. We believe this has been a great help in
her personal development.”



Australian Baby Hands has been developed as a communication tool for you and your pre-verbal baby. Thousands of parents and childcare workers are
experiencing the benefits of baby sign language thanks to Australian Baby Hands. Incorporating baby sign language into your everyday life will benefit you
and your baby in some of the following ways:

  • Using baby sign language, your baby will be able to express their needs and wants to you before being able to speak thanks to this fun easy to learn guide of Australian baby sign language.
  • Baby sign language research in both preverbal and verbal children highlights that those children who are exposed to baby sign language are generally more self-confident and have increased self-esteem.
  • Baby Sign Language provides a strong foundation for early literacy, helping to advance your child’s vocabulary, spelling and reading ability.
  • Baby Sign Language helps reduce frustration for you and your baby providing you with a communication system which can be used with babies from 6 months to 2 1/2 years.
  • Baby Sign Language helps accelerate the speech process.
  • Baby Sign Language provides an insight into your baby’s thoughts and interests and creates a stronger bond between you and your baby.
  • Baby Sign Language stimulates brain development, resulting in higher IQ’s.

I became involved in baby sign language through my love of sign language. After studying sign language in both Ireland and Australia, I came across the use of sign language with babies and more than two decades of research supporting its benefits.

More on the research into baby sign language


Australian Baby Hands has a number of products to help you get started on your baby sign language adventure. For parents who are interested in introducing baby sign language into their home here are a selection of Australian Baby Hands products


All these products can be purchased individually or as combination packages, giving you all the information you need at the best possible price.

For Childcare centre’s, Australian Baby Hands has developed a special Australian Baby Hands Childcare Centre Pack. This pack provides a childcare centre with everything they need to incorporate baby sign language into the childcare environment.


Australian Baby Hands products have been developed using the national sign language of Australia, Auslan. Currently Australian Baby Hands are the only
accredited Auslan baby signing products in the country! Read more information on Australian Baby Hands accreditation.

The main reasons why so many parents and childcare centre’s use Australian Baby Hands are the following:

Australian Baby Hands is 100% Auslan. It incorporates the national sign language of Australia and currently are the only accredited baby sign language products on the Australian market.

Australian Baby Hands products are fun easy to use guides on how to incorporate baby sign language into your home or childcare centre.

No prior experience in sign language is necessary thanks to the easy to follow Australian Baby Hands products.

Australian Baby Hands products have a proven track record in over 15,000 homes and childcare centre’s around Australia. To find out what benefits parents and childcare centre’s have been experiencing by having a baby signing child/children

Australian Baby Hands book is endorsed by Deaf Children Australia. Australian Baby Hands supports the work of Deaf Children Australia. For each copy sold, Australian Baby Hands will be donating 10% of all profits to Deaf Children Australia. To learn about their work or to show your support, you can visit them at their website at

Australian Baby Hands has a 100% No-Risk, One Year Money Back Guarantee. You have 365 days to experience the benefits of this simple informative book. This gives you a chance to see what baby sign language can do for you and your baby. If you don’t feel like you have genuinely experienced any benefits, or the book does not live up to your expectations, just send it back to me and I’ll instantly refund your purchase price, no questions asked. *

Australian Baby Hands is a well written and researched book that is easy to read. Implementation of Australian Sign Language to babies is shown to be easy and most beneficial to all who use it.

For child care centre’s that have babies attending, I recommend the use of Australian Baby Hands in the children’s program. Research shows that babies who have used baby sign language have advanced communication, literacy and memory skills and high self confidence and self esteem.

imgKay Lockhart, Professional Development Manager, Child Care NSW


These products are designed to compliment your learning program and make life easier for you and fun for your child!